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Barcelona in a day: a musical tour 

 Duration: 1 day Central Zone     Offer Code: 1-1

This article is about the offers from for visitors who only have one day available and want to make the best of the time they have, choosing itineraries that are custom-made according to their specific tastes.

Barcelona is a very diverse city that is full of surprises and you can do plenty of different things in a day: below you will find an itinerary that has been put together specifically for music lovers with some recommendations as to how you can spend your time in the city from dawn to dusk - it has numerous links and helpful maps.

Musical Tour in Barcelona
Music in Barcelona

A morning at the Palau de la Música

Getting from El Prat Airport to the city itself is very easy: the quickest way is to take the Aerobús and get off at the end of the route in the Plaza Catalunya. From here, you can easily walk to the Plaza Urquinaona and the Palau de la Musica Catalana which stands out as one of the most impressive buildings in the neighborhood of El Born.  This fabulous modern theater, which was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1977, is where national and international concerts are held, filling the nights with music throughout the year.  But, it is also possible to visit this iconic building during the day, from 10:00 am onward, subject to booking in advance on the web page: Entry tickets to the Palau de la Música. The visit will last around an hour and the building's unique beauty will take your breath away.  Once the tour is finished, it is also possible to enjoy a snack or a light meal in the restaurant bar of the Palau, or you may opt to further explore the neighborhood east of the Via Layetana where you can sample some truly "gourmet" cuisine. A good tip is to walk along the Carrer de Sant Pere until you reach the square of the same name.   

The afternoon: music in the Gothic Quarter 

From the Plaza Sant Pere you can easily reach Barcelona's Cathedral which will take about 10 minutes whilst you can also cross over the Vía Layetana in order to reach the Gothic Quarter, one of the city's most delightful neighborhoods.  In the square where the majestic Gothic church stands, you are more than likely to encounter shows that are put on by a range of cheerful and colorful street artists. You may then want to wander along the Carrer de Santa Llúcia to explore an area of the city that seems to have remained in the medieval era.  Right on the junction with the Carrer del Bisbe you will find an area of the city where the sound of music will often take visitors by surprise as they enjoy the live performances of talented musicians who have turned the street into their own personal theater.  The musical itinerary in the Gothic Quarter may finish off with a visit to the Church of Santa Ana which is situated on the same street which leads to the Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel, one of the most popular shopping streets in the city.  In this church there are often acoustic concerts of traditional Spanish guitar music which will enable the visitor to get a real feel of the spirit of Barcelona in just one day. 

Night-time in Barcelona: Jam & Jazz Sessions

Your musical tour of Barcelona should certainly include an evening that includes some Jazz which can be enjoyed thanks to the talented musicians at the Pipa Club which got its name because in the past, it was a venue where pipe smokers used to get together and it still has a somewhat refined atmosphere.  Historically, the club was situated on the top floor of some buildings that overlooked the Plaza Reyal, but today this unusual club is located at No. 21 Carrer de Santa Eulàlia and is easily accessible to all!  You'll just need to ring the bell to find yourself catapulted into a welcoming environment of soft lighting coupled with wonderful music and an ambiance that is full of relaxed and happy music lovers.  Everyone enjoys sipping a glass of wine at the wonderful wooden bar and, if you are lucky enough to find yourself here on a Sunday night, there is a jam session: the perfect way in which to round off your incredible musical tour of Barcelona.  The Pipa Club is situated in the Gracia District and in order to reach it, all you have to do is to hop on the Yellow Line L4 on the metro, for example from the Urquinaona stop and get off at Verdaguer: from there, it is just a 7 minute walk.  If you like the look of this itinerary and want to get some more in-depth knowledge about the city of Barcelona, you can book a tourist guide through and they will be able to accompany you around the city exploring some of the less well known places in the city and will be able to give you plenty of recommendations about the best places to visit to get the most out of your visit. 

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