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Guide for Cruise Passengers

A welcome at the port of Barcelona for those who are on board a cruise

This article is specially dedicated to all those who choose to visit the Mediterranean on board a cruise ship.  The team at aims to offer a really exceptional service to all those English speakers who have decided to treat themselves to a trip of this kind.  A cruise will enable you to visit so many wonderful places along the Mediterranean coast, combined with the uniquely relaxing experience that only a cruise can offer and combined with a tour with your own private guide, this will make your visit even more magical.

Cruise passengers will visit a range of different locations, generally with a limited amount of time in which to see what each stop has to offer.  If you are visiting one of the larger cities, the best recommendation is to do so in the company of an expert guide in that particular location, ideally with someone who speaks your language.  This becomes even more vital for those who have limited time, such as the cruise ship passengers. In order to make your stop even more unique and truly memorable, why don't you opt to visit Barcelona in the company of one of our English speaking guides? You'll be 100% satisfied and even though you will only be spending a few short hours in Barcelona, you'll be delighted with the experience as you sail away with some precious memories of the wonderful secrets that this city contains.

English Guide for Cruise Passengers
Tourist Guide

Why you should choose an English speaking guide:

  You decide how long the tour will last!;

 An Official Guide  €130 for 2 hours - €190 for 4 hours - €240 for 6 hours - €280 for 8 hours;

 An Unofficial Guide: €70 for 2 hours - €90 for 4 hours - €120 for 6 hours - €140 for 8 hours;

 You'll skip all the queues and you decide what you want to see;

 They'll speak your language;

 You can visit museums, different neighborhoods and monuments accompanied by an expert;

  In just a couple of hours with a guide, you will find out more about the city than you would in a whole day on your own;

 The guide can also collect you from your hotel;

  A Tour on foot, on the metro or by taxi? Its up to you to decide the means of transport that you want to use!;

Why you should choose a private English speaking guide

When time is short and this is combined with the desire to experience the city to the max, a private guide is a perfect solution for all your needs. Our website can provide a high quality tour guide service for clients, with certified guides who have had experience in the sector for at least 15 years. What makes us even more proud of the service that we can provide is the passion that our guides will want to share with you as they love the city of Barcelona and know every minute detail of her history, her architecture and her culture. They are able to give you recommendations on the best places to eat and we're sure that they will leave you with a desire to revisit this wonderful city again with more time. In addition to this, the guides will adapt to your rhythm as opposed to the standard tours where clients have to rush in order to meet prearranged timetables. Whereas, in this case, everything revolves around the client's preferences. Do you want to visit the city center? Do you want to visit the most famous attractions? With your private English speaking guide, you'll be able to do everything you want to do at a pace that suits you.

Meeting Point for Cruise Passengers

In the port of Barcelona, once you have disembarked from the cruise ship, you will take a blue colored bus which only has one route and stops in front of the statue of Christopher Columbus. The shuttle service cannot be booked in advance but it does run continuously and you can buy tickets on board. Because there is only one stop, there's no need to worry about getting off at the wrong stop and in a short space of time, you will find yourselves in one of the most central points of the city. The guide, who is unable to enter into the port, will be waiting for you at the shuttle service's bus stop, so you won't have to worry about anything. The tour will start and finish at the scheduled times and the guides will accompany you to all the most popular attractions. If you are still unsure about what to see, don't worry because can provide clients with a customer service option in English which will be able to provide you with recommendations and above all, which is able to organize the stops to accommodate your pace. It's your holiday and we want to make this something special and truly memorable for our customers.

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