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The Music Museum of Barcelona

Barcelona's Music Museum which is located in the central neighborhood of Eixample is a fascinating and elegant building that no music lover should miss out on visiting. Inside the building, you will be able to view a wide range of musical instruments (one of the largest collections in the world), and learn about the history of music in a delightful and elegant setting. 

 Inside the Music Museum
Inside the Music Museum

How to get there and opening times

The Music Museum is located inside Barcelona's Auditorium at No. 150 Carrer de Lepant in the wonderful neighborhood of Eixample. This is a very central area of the city and can be easily reached on the Metro, Lines L1 or L2 or by bus on routes 6, 7, 54, 62, 92 and V21. If you decide to take the L2 Metro Line, you should get off at the stop called Monumental but if you take the L1 Line, then you should get off at the Marina stop.  The Museum is close to a lot of the city's other famous attractions such as the Arc de Triumf which is just 1 km away and the Sagrada Familia which is one Metro stop away.  This has to be on your hit list of places to visit on your Tour of Barcelona!  The Museum is open every day except on Mondays.  During the week, it is open from 10:00 until 18:00 except on Thursdays when it closes at 21:00 and on the weekends, it is open from 10:00 until 19:00.  


An Adult entry ticket costs €10.00.  You can make a booking on the Museum's web page at: Entry Tickets to the Music Museum. Once you have indicated the number of people who will be visiting, the type of entry ticket required, the date and the preferred time and you have effected your payment, we will send you the entry tickets via email which you will need in order to gain access to the Music Museum.  Are you interested in making a full tour of Barcelona's main attractions?  Then you should try the fantastic Sightseeing Bus which will enable you to visit the city on board a comfortable panoramic bus and to hop off at the stops that are of particular interest to you. 

A Child trying out an instrument at the Music Museum
A Child trying out an instrument at the Music Museum

What to see in the Music Museum

The Museum is home to a vast collection of musical instruments, undoubtedly one of the largest in the world.  You can learn in detail about the history of music in a wonderful and elegant setting.  The instruments are displayed in glass cabinets which offer a 360° view of each item and as you approach the instruments, you will be able to hear the wonderful sound that they make.  But there are more surprises to be had because, inside the museum, there is a room in which you will be able to actually try playing some of the instruments yourself. This will give you a chance to touch and try a viola, a harp or any other instrument that you wish.  This is an unusual experience which will give you a real feel for the instruments themselves.  In addition to this, there are also some 50,000 documents that you can view.  And, to round off your tour in the best possible way, a small concert will await you.  Visiting Barcelona's Music Museum is a unique experience that we recommend you should try during your stay in Barcelona.  Furthermore, the Museum can offer three different types of entry tickets which may encourage you to visit it more than once.  You can choose between a guided tour, activities for families, receptions for visiting authors, fun visits or activities with children.  The price of the entry tickets is the same regardless of the type of tour you choose.

6 reasons for visiting Barcelona's Music Museum

1. You will find a unique collection of musical instruments in the Museum - unlike any other in the world. These are greatly admired by experts in the field who travel to Barcelona specifically in order to see with their own eyes these historic works of precision and rare beauty. 

2. Barcelona's Music Museum offers an immersive experience that involves the five senses: you can see, touch, listen to and smell the beautiful woods of the lyres and mandolins.  The only thing you are not permitted to do inside the exhibition space is to eat food - but don't worry, you'll be so engrossed in what you are seeing that you'll forget all about being hungry! 

3. The Museum is a living space, not just an exhibition of musical instruments.  Throughout the course of the year, concerts, workshops for adults and learning workshops for children are organized.  

4. Experimentation is the basis of discovery and the members of staff convey this really well.  Nothing is "static" in the Music Museum because everything is constantly evolving: music is made in conjunction with the stimuli received from outside. Every visitor is able to make their own contribution which can be listened to and helps to grow the community of fans. 

5. This also explains how it is possible for the research center to possess more than 50,000 documents.  But bear in mind that these are available to view by anyone who asks for them.  

6. And finally, the musical instruments in the Museum are not just sitting around gathering dust!  If you're lucky, you can see them being played by experienced musicians.  And if you would like to try your luck, have a look at the upcoming events on the Museum's official website: Music Museum of Barcelona.

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