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The night life in Barcelona

The most popular discotheques that are part of Barcelona's night life

Barcelona's a city that never sleeps and there's no better way to spend your waking hours than in good company, dancing to the rhythms of the music in one of the city's most popular discotheques.  This is where your mind can take flight and enjoying the fun that's on offer will make you feel more alive than ever: find out more in this article about the city's most famous discotheques that are part of Barcelona's amazing night life.

Barcelona's Discotheques
One of Barcelona's Discotheques

Barcelona's most popular discotheques

Among the most popular discotheques in this lively Spanish city are the Sutton, the Soho and La Terraza. The Sutton is located at No. 13 Carrer de Tuset, just above Diagonal, where the Eixample district ends and the neighborhood of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi begins.  It is distinguished by its sparkling atmosphere which welcomes famous international DJs who are really able to stir up the crowd and breathe life into a real VIP night out.  The entry fee for the night costs about €20.00.  Just a short distance from here, you can also choose to visit the Soho which is perfect for winter weekends in Barcelona.  It's situated at No. 195 Carrer d'Aribau and it isn't just the name that makes you think of London.  The atmosphere is young, cheerful and animated by the most popular dance music of the moment.  You can get in for free before 1 a.m. or by paying €10.00 with two drinks included.  If you happen to be in Barcelona in the summer and you fancy spending the night outdoors, meeting lots of other international tourists and having fun to the rhythms of some popular music, then the discotheque called La Terraza is for you.  This is close to the Poble Espanyol and its location makes for a really buzzing atmosphere. 

The discotheques on the coast

The area of Barcelona's Vila Olimpica is well known nowadays for its numerous discotheques among which are some of the most famous in the city: the large cubes by the sea which house the Opium, the Shoko, the Bestial and the Pachá are unmistakable.  These are classy clubs where the dress code is quite smart, the music is techno-house and the location is exclusive.  For those who aren't interested in paying out the €20.00 entry fee to a disco (which does include a drink), then all you have to do is cross the pier in the opposite direction to Barceloneta and you can pay a visit to one of the smaller, free venues in which you can listen to some commercial and Latin American music: obviously, these are less chic than the famous discos but they're still great fun. 

The discotheques with Latin American music

The surreal facilities at the venue called La Fira which is situated at No. 171 Carrer Provença will amaze you!  There isn't a DJ working at this discotheque which enlivens Barcelona's night life but, there's plenty of Latin American music for you to enjoy: perfect for a night out that's full of simple fun and not too expensive. For €12.00 you can gain entry and enjoy a couple of beers or a cocktail at the bar.  For a completely different experience, there's the great Malalts disco which is more difficult to get to, (it's situated in Cornellá de Llobregat) but it's an incredible venue.  The bar staff take part in shows that will take your breath away along the path ways between turbines of light and color while the music fires up all the emotions from the rhythms of the Latin American music that's played.  And to finish, spending an evening at the Oak means having the chance to enjoy a warm Caribbean feel with its typical music from that part of the world.  If you start drinking some shots at the bar at Espit Chupitos, you'll never stop dancing!  A useful tip is to rely on Barcelona's transport network in order to get back to where you're staying.  On Saturday nights, the metro is open all night, the night buses are all in operation and taxis are always available. 

A concert at the Razzmatazz in Barcelona
A concert at the Razzmatazz in Barcelona
Rock discotheques in Barcelona

When you find yourself outside the Razzmatazz for the first time, the thing that will strike you the most is its size.  It's vast!  This huge discotheque is situated in Barcelona's Poblenou district and has enormous areas which will make you feel drunk before you've even had a drop of alcohol!  It has a heady atmosphere with rock and electronic music and offers you the freedom of letting go completely without having to worry about a thing.  You really need to try this venue out!  If you like dancing to rock music, you can't afford to miss out on a visit to the legendary Apolo: one piece of advice is not to miss their incredible Monday nights.  And to finish off, if you prefer somewhere that's a bit more intimate, you'll love the venue called Magic which is located in the Born district at No. 40 Passeig de Picasso. In all three of these venues, rock concerts are frequently organized.  Have a look at their websites or ask our guide to accompany you.  If you love music then we would recommend that you check out our itinerary which has been put together for a day in Barcelona with music... find out about all the right places to visit!

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