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Sagrada Familia Tour with Towers Access

Sagrada Familia Tour with Tower Access

Do you know how many towers make up the Sagrada Familia? Do you know anything about their significance? Did you know that you can visit the towers? Maybe not.  By booking a Tour of the Sagrada Familia with access to the Towers,  you will benefit from faster access to the basilica, with an expert guide at your side, plus access to the towers.  It is always difficult to know exactly what you should visit in a new city, especially when you are exploring it for the first time.  Normally, when the moment of your long awaited holiday arrives, in which you have chosen to treat yourself to a well-earned break in Barcelona, the intention would be to spend a few relaxing days in the city, exploring its impressive cultural heritage and having fun...

Tour Sagrada Familia y Torres
Admiring a model of the Sagrada Familia

.. however, it often happens that, one's expectations become somewhat muddled as you face a range of organizational details when confronted with a different language in an unfamiliar city, the traffic and other obstacles.  In this instance, a good investment is to entrust yourself to an experienced guide; proposes the option of sharing a tour of the Sagrada Familia in the company of other tourists who are as interested as you are and who don't want to miss out on anything, particularly the Towers! 

What's included in the Tour

A guided tour in English and Spanish;

Entry to the Sagrada Familia and the Towers + a guided tour;

Available every day of the week (excluding public holidays);

Costs: Adults €54.00, children from 0-3 years enter free of charge and children aged 3 - 12, €36.00;

Duration of the tour: 90 minutes;

Fill out the form on this page in order to book your Tour of the Holy Family + the Towers.

Why should you visit the Towers as well?

When the construction of the church is finally completed, the Sagrada Familia will look out over the city from the heights of its 18 towers.  At present, only 8 of the towers have been finished and going up one of them is a truly unique experience. Particularly as you go up in the lift which inevitably creates a sense of anticipation, and when you eventually find yourself admiring Barcelona from on high, this will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your visit to the Catalan capital.  Once you have reached these dizzy heights, you will also be able to appreciate the external details of this magnificent architectural work in close up, many of the most colorful and intricate features of which, are not visible from below. This will be a special moment in which your guide will leave you to your own devices as all you will want to do is to relax, look around you and travel on the wings of fantasy.  The descent will be made on foot and this is a similarly impressive experience: the spiral staircase down which you will travel provides another unique experience and a photograph simply doesn't do it really need to experience this in person!

Las Torres de la Sagrada Familia
The Towers of the Sagrada Familia

Why should you visit the Sagrada Familia with a guide?

The guide who will accompany you on your visit to the Sagrada Familia will take care of everything and you won't have to worry about checking the opening and closing times of the basilica.  You also won't have to worry about how to buy tickets or how to get there: all the necessary information will be provided in detail in the email confirmation you will receive once you have booked your shared bilingual tour.  The experienced guide who you will meet on the day of your visit, will ensure that you don't miss anything when you reach the Sagrada Familia: they will also accompany you on your visit to the towers and to the museum inside the church! A lot of people manage to miss out on these attractions; because, when you are overwhelmed by the options that are available to you when searching online yourself, it is easy not to buy the right entry tickets.

Why should you choose a Guided Tour?

Choosing a guided tour from is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to experience the wonders of this city in depth, without missing out on anything, whilst at the same time, avoiding being overwhelmed....because stress on holiday just isn't allowed!  The guides who conduct the guided tours are extremely competent, are used to dealing with groups of multi-lingual tourists, and excel at holding the group's attention as they relate the history and interesting facts about the attractions you will be visiting in the most stimulating and comprehensive manner.  They are never boring!  Booking a guided tour will also enable you to skip the queue, (the normal waiting time for gaining entry to the Sagrada Familia is at least an hour), but the guides have a priority access for groups with an unlimited number of visitors.  Choosing a shared guided tour means that you will also save money in comparison to choosing a private guided tour (although this service is, of course, completely different).

Useful information about your booking

In order to book your tour, all you have to do is to complete the booking form on the website of, choosing your preferred time and respective linguistic combination, (for example, English & Spanish), in other words, the two languages that will be spoken in the group. You can pay by credit card or via PayPal once you have received your email confirmation which will provide all the details of your visit.

Remember that:

The tour of the Holy Family + the Towers from, is available as a bilingual tour.  Check the timetables and the languages spoken by the guide for each slot.  You can also opt to visit the Sagrada Familia and the Towers with a private guide who will be available at the time of your choosing and will accompany you wherever you wish to go. You can also buy entry tickets on our web page that's specially dedicated to the purchase of  Entry Tickets to the Sagrada Familia.

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