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Barcelona Tourist Guide

Barcelona Tourist Guide

Visit Barcelona with an Official Tourist Guide

When visiting the capital of Catalonia, and in order to enjoy a relaxing holiday which is also interesting, what's needed is an official guide to Barcelona. A fully qualified tourist guide who is able to take the client where they want to go in a professional yet fun manner that's informative, yet informal, in order to ensure that one's stay in an as yet unfamiliar city becomes a truly memorable experience for all the right reasons.


Everyone who selects a private tour on this web page will have the best tourist guides at their disposal and thus, the prospect of a really excellent quality tour.

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What is an English speaking private tourist guide available through

This covers a tourist guide service that can be booked at any time via the "Book Your Guide Now" form which can be found at the top of this page. The service is suitable for small or large groups, for couples and for families and includes visits to the city's museums, attractions and famous monuments as well going out for some tapas and vermouth! For example, you can ask your guide to take you to Park Güell where they will be happy to provide you with plenty of information about the fascinating history of Antoni Gaudí, or you can ask them to book your entry tickets for a visit to the spectacular Sagrada Familia where they will accompany you to its towers.

Visit Barcelona with a Guide
A guided tour in Barcelona

Why you should choose an English speaking guide:

 You decide how long the tour should last!;

  An Official Guide: 2 hours - 4 hours - 6 hours - 8 hours;

  An Unofficial Guide: 2 hours - 4 hours - 6 hours - 8 hours (unavailable at the moment)

 You'll skip all the queues and you decide what to visit;

 They'll speak your language;

 You can visit museums, different neighborhoods, and monuments accompanied by an expert;

 In a couple of hours with a guide, you will discover more about the city than you would in an entire day on your own;

 Your guide can also collect you from your hotel;

A Tour on foot, by metro or in a taxi?  You decide which is the best means of transport!;

Five reasons why you'll benefit from an English speaking guide

There are at least five good reasons why you'll need a private English speaking guide on your visit to Barcelona and which you are able to book on this website. First and foremost, because the tedious long entry queues at the various venues won't be a problem for you! In fact, you won't waste any time and you won't have to wait in any queues at the ticket office or the entrance to any of the attractions you are visiting. The English speaking guides from are certified professionals who pay great attention to detail and have at least 15 years worth of experience behind them with both Spanish speaking and foreign tourists. They are always happy to try and accommodate a varied range of requests and they all share an absolute passion for the city of Barcelona. The guide to whom you will be entrusted will be an absolute expert with a really thorough knowledge of the city who will make you want to move to one of the liveliest cities in Europe! Most of the guided tours are conducted by a bilingual guide which means listening to everything twice, once in Spanish and once in English and these tours are only available at certain times of the day. However, you can be sure that your private guide will only speak in English and will be available at the time you require, (unless they are already booked with someone else). So it is always recommended to ask them for any bookings sooner rather than later, in order to avoid any disappointment!

A Guide inside the interior of the Museum of the Sagrada Familia
A Guide inside the interior of the Museum of the Sagrada Familia

Another good reason for booking a private guide is the possibility to book your tour at the time you want and for as long as you want. You can ask them to take you to other attractions in the city or even to stay for as long as you want in your favorite museum whilst listening to their fascinating commentary. And who says you have to visit the museums and churches? Sometimes people just want to enjoy a tour of Barcelona, exploring some of the less well-known spots that are full of intriguing history, sample some typical dishes and admire some typical traditions of the true Catalonia. Your private guide will be there at your side and you choose where to go and what to see. Did you know that if you want them to, your guide can come and collect you from where you're staying? At the door of your lodgings or hotel or wherever suits you best. You just need to provide us with all the necessary information at the time of making your booking.

Ideas for a Guide package
No idea what to see yet? You will be able to choose or get some inspiration from the range of packages that we have prepared for you which have been based on the most popular selections from our clients. Where can I find these packages? Just fill out the booking form for free, after having selected a private guide, and you can then choose from one of the existing packages or a "free" package in which you can indicate your particular preferences. Below you will find a brief description of the most popular packages:
  • Package for 2 hours: Consists of an informative stroll or a visit to one particular attraction. You can choose on the form where you would like to explore or which of the many attractions to visit that Barcelona has to offer. The most popular are: the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and the Casa Batlló;
  • Package for 4 hours: Consists of a panoramic stroll around the historic city center or a visit to two attractions. The most popular combinations are: the Sagrada Familia + Park Guell, the Sagrada Familia + Casa Batlló, the Sagrada Familia + Pedrera, Park Güell + Pedrera and lastly, based on the volume of requests, the Barrio Gótico + the Picasso Museum;
  • Package for 6 hours: Consists of a stroll through different neighborhoods or a visit to three attractions which you can choose from. Our clients tend to select: the Sagrada Familia + Park Guell + Casa Batlló, the Cathedral + Barrio Gótico + Born + Picasso, or the Sagrada Familia + Park Güell + Pedrera + Gràcia;
  • Package for 8 hours: Consists of a panoramic stroll around the historic city center or a visit to four attractions which you can choose from. The most commonly chosen are: the Sagrada Familia + Park Güell + Casa Batlló or the Sagrada Familia + Park Güell + Palau Güell + Casa Vicens.

A walking tour or a private vehicle?

Barcelona is definitely a city that's worth discovering on foot as this is the best way to get the maximum out of your guided tour. Strolling along the streets in the city center is a unique and inspiring experience: your guide will accompany you through the narrow streets, secret alleyways and hidden squares which you can only access easily on foot. If you want to travel from the historic center to areas that are not too far away, such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell or Casa Vicens for example, we recommend that you take a taxi or make use of the metro. In fact, this is undoubtedly the most convenient and cheapest option because in Barcelona, the taxis are everywhere and above all, they're not terribly expensive! In any event, if you prefer a guided tour in a more private environment, you can request this when filling out your booking form. The costs of the chosen means of transport will be calculated separately and you will receive your quote via email.

Main Attractions

The attractions in Barcelona are numerous and of course, very varied. These range from the modernist works of Antoni Gaudí to the museums and the amusement parks. One lifetime isn't enough to see everything the city has to offer from top to bottom. Effervescent and exuberant, Barcelona is constantly changing although the city's fundamental essence never varies. Every tourist will notice if they visit more than once, that the city's magic remains immutable despite the fact that every day it is becoming more and more up to date.
What are the attractions that are considered to be truly unmissable? Those that a tourist should never miss out on seeing? You can consider yourself really lucky if you manage to visit the following attractions which are deemed to be unmissable: the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (La Pedrera) and Camp Nou. Tourists may decide, erroneously, "I'll decide what to see on the spur of the moment, depending on where I am." Nothing could be a greater mistake in Barcelona! In fact, if you want to avoid spending hours in lengthy queues at the ticket offices, it is vital to remember to Buy your tickets online.
A Guide in the Museum of the Sagrada Familia
A Guide in the Museum of the Sagrada Familia

Distance between the principal attractions

In order to organize an itinerary for your visits to the city's main attractions, you should bear in mind: the distance between the various attractions, the mode of transport you are intending to use and the average duration of a visit at each attraction.

Below you will find all the vital information needed when planning your visits to the most famous attractions in Barcelona:

  • La Sagrada Familia: is 40 minutes away from Park Güell (blue metro line L5), 15 minutes from Casa Batlló and Pedrera (violet metro line L2) and 15 minutes on foot from Santa Maríadel Mar. A visit to the Sagrada Familia normally lasts around 2 hours (the museum + the basilica) and is accessible every day from 9:00 until 19:00. Buy entry tickets to the Sagrada Familia.
  • Casa Batlló: Casa Batlló is located about 5 minutes on foot from La Pedrera, 16 minutes from Park Güell (green metro line L3), 15 minutes from the Sagrada Familia (violet metro line L2) and 17 minutes from Santa María del Mar (yellow metro line L4). A visit to Casa Batlló usually lasts around an hour and a half and is open every day from 9:00 until 19:00 or at night from 21:00 hours for live shows. Buy entry tickets for the Casa Batlló.
  • Camp Nou: is 30 minutes away from Casa Batlló and La Pedrera (metro lines 3 and 5), 30 minutes from the Sagrada Familia (blue metro line L5) and 40 minutes from Santa María del Mar (bus D20). A visit to the stadium lasts about an hour and a half and is available every day (except on days when there is a match), from 9:00 to 18:00. Buy entry tickets to Camp Nou.
  • Park Güell: is 40 minutes away from the Casa Batlló and La Pedrera (green metro line L3), 30 minutes from the Sagrada Familia (bus 92) and 50 minutes from Santa María del Mar, with different modes of transport, (not recommended). A visit to Gaudí's sensational park lasts about an hour and 15 minutes and is available daily from 9:00 until 18:00. During the summer months, after 18:00 hours, entry to the park is free. Buy entry tickets for Park Güell.
Summary of the duration of visits to different locations

  Duration of a visit to the Sagrada Familia: about two hours;

  Duration of a visit to Casa Batlló: about one and a half hours ;

  Duration of a visit to Camp Nou: about one and a half hours;

  Duration of a visit to Park Güell: about one hour and 15 minutes;

Book your private guide

Still unsure? Have a think about it. Imagine arriving in a city for the first time and wanting to see all the most famous tourist attractions, those which you really can't afford to miss. It can happen that by hoping to see all of them, you are overwhelmed by the organization because you don't know where the different areas of the city are or which metro line to take in order to reach your desired destination. Think how fantastic it would be to be accompanied by someone who can resolve all these difficulties and will guide you around Barcelona without any worries, stress, queues, problems or nasty surprises! Book your private guide now by filling out the form on this page and don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information!

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