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The Center of Contemporary Culture

The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona is a multi-disciplinary institution with an extensive program which includes exhibitions, debates, festivals, concerts, film reviews, courses, workshops and urban itineraries.  We're talking about somewhere that's quite experimental, young and dynamic, as attractive to those who love art as for those who always want to keep up to date with the latest technological novelties or the latest trends within our contemporary society. 

CCCB The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona
CCCB The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

What to do at the CCCB

At the CCCB, the only things that are prohibited are smoking, eating and any damage to the exhibits as the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona has been conceived as a space that is open to creativity and to reflection.  Inside the different rooms, you can sit down on a chair to draw (you can use a portable seat) or you can sit on the floor.  There are also two wheel chairs that are available for public use.  You can create something with water-colors, tempera, or paint with oils.  Free Wi-Fi is available in the Museum's lobby, the open archives and in the bar.  The exhibitions that are held at the CCCB last for a minimum of one month, up to a maximum of 7 months and are often interactive. They address different subjects but they are always current and often represent uncomfortable issues.  An example is the 1,000 m² of desire: an exhibition that explores how spaces for romantic relationships have been designed and built in western society in the eighteenth century until today.  In addition to this, the activities that are organized in the center provide an ideal setting for concerts, shows and even debates, information about which can be found on the Museum's web page: CCCB

The entrance to the CCCB
The entrance to the CCCB

The CCCB and social projects 

The CCCB embraces social projects nowadays such as that which is promoted by the "Apropa Cultura" association, a social/educational program such as the "Alzheimer's Program" which is intended for people affected by this degenerative disease and their families.  

The CCCB for disadvantaged groups

Those who are disadvantaged are well represented at the CCCB as the center organizes entire exhibitions which focus on a particular social category. One example is the “La Llum Negra”which was specially dedicated to those who are blind or deaf, valuing their sensory world.  It is actually possible to visit the exhibition with the support of a guide who knows sign language.  At the same time, this relies on the use not only of sight but also of touch thanks to the use of interactive materials which stimulate perception. 

The CCCB for education.

The Museum's mission is undoubtedly educational and the existence of the "CCCB Educació" community is the most obvious example.  Throughout the year, the group organizes different activities, among which are the "Internet Universe," a vital project regarding digital literacy; the "Urban Itinerary" which has the aim of exploring the city from different perspectives, (geographical, historical and environmental); “the Photographic Creation Workshop" which enables people to explore various methodologies and styles of this particular discipline; “Talks by contemporary thinkers" which are geared towards groups from secondary education.  As you may have noticed, all the workshops are held in the Catalan language but as they often include practical exercises, they are not difficult to follow.  Why not give them a try?  You can find out more details on the web page:

Location and opening times of the CCCB

The "Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona" is located at No.4 Carrer de Montalegre in the Raval neighborhood and is just a short distance from the MACBA museum. There is a special atmosphere in the narrow streets that lead to the museum, an environment where the city's most cosmopolitan society can be found with its spicy aromas and its popular vibe which creates a contrasting effect with the contemporary spirit and feel of the museum which is situated within a period building with an austere exterior and a spacious interior.  You can easily reach the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona on foot as the building is located in the heart of the Ciutat Vella (the Old Town). Alternatively, another easy way to get there is by using the bicing service as there are two stations at Plaça dels Àngels and at Plaça Catalunya. The closest metro and bus stops are Universitat and Plaza Catalunya. The CCCB is open from Tuesday to Sunday and on public holidays from 11:00 until 20:00 but you should bear in mind that access to the exhibitions finishes 30 minutes before closing time.  

Visiting the CCCB

It is possible to visit the museum during its opening hours at any time you like as well as with a free guided tour (which is only in the Spanish language) by turning up at the entrance on a Saturday at 11:30 (for the Spanish tour) and on Sundays at the same time for the Catalan tour.  If you would like a professional and experienced person who speaks your language to accompany you, you can also book a private guide service which can also be booked on this page! You can also book a guided tour for groups at a competitive price by contacting the museum at the email address you can find on their web page. The price of an individual entry is €6.00 and for €8.00, you can have access to some of the other different exhibitions. There is a discounted entry fee for those under 25 years of age, family groups and single parent families.  

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