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Barcelona Airport Taxi

Travelling without any worries is a priority for anyone who wants to get the best out of their holiday. Organizing your transfers to and from El Prat airport, booking a Barcelona Airport Taxi in advance, you will enable to enjoy your holiday to the max. You won't have to think twice about the different means of transport in a city that you are unfamiliar with.

In order to travel in absolute comfort, there is only one solution: to travel by private taxi. You will be able to book a private taxi at a fixed cost right on this web page.  A driver will come to collect you at whatever time of the day or night you need them and they will accompany you directly to where you are staying, or any other destination you may require. 

In addition to this, booking a private taxi is a necessity if you're arriving in Barcelona on a very early flight or the last flight out in the evening or, if you don't know how to get to your hotel - ensuring that you arrive as quickly as possible, whether you're travelling on business or for a holiday. You can find all the information you require along with our recommendations in this article covering the use of a Taxi to and from Barcelona's El Prat Airport.

Taxi Privado Barcelona
Taxi Privado Barcelona

Pricing for a private Taxi: 

Here below, you will find some examples of the fixed prices for a Barcelona Airport Taxi. The average journey time from El Prat Airport to Placa de Catalunya is around 30/40 minutes (about 20 km).

  4 people: €11.30 per person;

  2 people: €22.60 per person;

  8 people: €8.75 per person.

The advantages of travelling by taxi

Traveling by taxi offers a range of benefits: above all, it is a sensible choice if you are travelling in a group.  In fact, using a taxi for at least 4 people will really reduce the costs,  particularly if you are travelling with friends and you're all going in the same direction. The taxis in Barcelona are very safe: the drivers are generally honest and are used to transporting tourists and they are very patient, despite the busy traffic. Using a taxi in Barcelona is also very convenient if you are travelling at night when the metro and other means of public transport are no longer running. It is easy to find a free taxi in Barcelona, especially on the main squares or stations such as Plaza Catalunya and Sants Estació, however, if you want to travel with the assurance of a fixed price, then the ideal solution is to book a private taxi at

Distances and routes

Barcelona's Airport, better known as El Prat, takes its name from the small town in which it is situated. El Prat de Llobregat is located about 15 kilometers from the Catalan capital, facilitating fairly quick transfers.  For example, the average journey time by car to reach the Plaça de Catalunya is about 20/25 minutes.  If, on the other hand, you choose to travel on the Aerobús: the journey time would double! If you travel on the Aerobús you would save money when travelling on your own as the cost is €5.90 per person.  However, if you are travelling with other people, a taxi undoubtedly becomes the most convenient mode of transport.

Why should you choose a private taxi in Barcelona?

  A fixed price;

  On-line bookings accepted 24 hours a day;

  The price is locked in at the time of making your reservation;

  For your convenience, only a small advance payment is required and the balance is payable in cash to the driver;

  Experienced drivers;

  A comfortable means of transport;

  Your driver will accompany you directly to whatever destination you require;

  Book in advance and save money;

Travel Tips

Despite the fact that the majority of taxi drivers in Barcelona are reliable, there is always the risk of finding a driver who will "round up" the charges and take advantage of the fact that a tourist has little or no knowledge of the different areas or distances in the city. In order to avoid the possibility of encountering a dishonest driver, all you have to do is book on-line a Barcelona Airport Taxi a fixed price. A small amount will be payable with a credit card and the rest will be payable in cash to the driver.  This means you won't have to worry about drivers who take advantage of their passengers on the fares and you also won't have any problems communicating with the driver about where you want to go.  In fact, your driver will know your intended destination already and there won't be any difficulties if you don't speak Spanish. In Barcelona it is quite common to find a range of different street names: Calle (or Carrer in Catalan), Avenida (Avinguda in Catalan), Rambla, Ronda, and Passatge are just a few examples. Just think, in the city you'll find the Carrer de Sant Pau, Ronda de Sant Pau, and Passatge de Sant Pau ... and these are all different streets! Because of this, and for a variety of other reasons, you should think about the convenience of not having to try and explain your required destination to someone - in another language!  In addition to all this, travelling by taxi means you will be able to reach the center of the city with a shorter journey time compared to using the public buses, which tend to stop quite frequently and never seem to have a stop that's close to where you are staying. 

How the private taxi service works

A driver will be waiting for you in the Arrivals Hall at Barcelona's El Prat Airport with a sign showing your name. You won't have to look for the driver - he will be looking out for you!  In addition to this, if you book a Barcelona Airport Taxi, your driver will wait for you even if your flight is delayed and he will be checking your flight's arrival time to ensure he has the up to date information on your flight.  Once you have loaded your luggage into the car, you won't even need to tell him where you are going because he will already know where to take you and will always choose the quickest route in order to get you there.  You will be travelling in comfort with a professional, experienced driver.  Your journey on board a private taxi will be at a fixed price which will contribute towards making your airport transfers as pleasant as possible. 

Choose the means of transport that's best suited to your needs

On the booking form, you will have the option to choose the type of transport that is best suited to your needs and the number of people travelling together. For example, when you book a Barcelona Airport Taxi you can choose from:
  • A minibus with 16 seats;
  • A Mercedes Vito with up to 8 seats;
  • A Ford Custom with up to 8 seats;
  • A Mercedes Viano with up to 6 seats;
  • A Toyota Prius with up to 4 seats;
  • A Renault Laguna with up to 4 seats.
Costs and bookings

The cost of the service is based on your destination (for transfers from the airport) or depends on your pick-up point (for transfers to the airport). Fill in your email address, your desired destination or pick-up point, and the system will calculate your price in just a few seconds. In order to make your booking, you simply need to complete the form on this page.  Within a matter of moments, you will receive a message directly to your email address with all the booking details.  And at the time of your journey, you will pay the outstanding balance to the driver in cash.

Useful numbers for Taxi services

  • Taxileader: 0044 (0) 20 3239 1595
  • Taximés: 934 331 020
  • Barna taxi: 933 577 755
  • TeleTaxi: 932134131
  • Radio Taxi Catalana: 933993737

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