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What adjective would you choose to describe Barcelona? Actually, it isn't possible to describe this city with just one adjective! This is because Barcelona is a cocktail of different ingredients that undoubtedly make it not only the most effervescent, lively and friendly city in Europe but also one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse. Effervescent, like the bubbles of the famous Cava, a sparkling wine that is produced throughout the wonderful sunny region of Catalonia. Lively, like the colours and sinuous forms that are expressed in Catalonia's modernist architecture. Friendly, like its happy inhabitants who are always ready to help. Culturally diverse, like the numerous shows and art exhibitions and above all, dynamic because life is too short not to pay at least one visit to Barcelona in one's lifetime! The city is always changing but, at the same time, is able to provide new and inspiring experiences to those who have chosen to live here or for those who have chosen to visit the Catalan capital.

Tourism in Barcelona

Barcelona's tremendous cultural wealth has made the city into a tourist destination with a vast array of activities and attractions that will delight visitors from all over the world. Is there anyone who hasn't heard of the Sagrada FamiliaPark Güell or La Boquería market? And who hasn't heard of the world-famous Camp Nou or the spectacular beaches of the Costa Brava? Barcelona doesn't really need a great sales pitch! Everyone knows what a spectacular and unique city this is, and they're just waiting for the chance to organize a visit. To help you plan your trip, you can find all sorts of tips and suggestions in our article: what to put in your suitcase. Without doubt, a visit to Barcelona would be incomplete unless you choose to visit the city in the company of someone with real local knowledge who will be able to guide you on your voyage of discovery through the squares, streets and numerous unique attractions.

An all round experience will make your experience both simple and truly special. A convenient and informative web portal that gives all the necessary information you will require in order to ensure that your visit to Barcelona is both unique and really memorable, for all the right reasons. You will be able to make bookings from the comfort of your own home at the click of a mouse with: Tour, Toursaround Barcelona, Tickets for Attractions, Flights, Hotels and much more. All at the right price based on quality service and years of experience coupled with the convenience of being able to buy securely on-line.

Barcelona at your fingertips

Do you love travelling and prefer being able to organize your trip in the least time possible? Without scrimping on quality? Without any worries? Without having to hop from one website to another? Well, now you can! At the whole city is waiting for you at the click of your mouse. Organizing your trip has never been so easy and if you still have any questions, you can contact our Customer Services Team in English where we guarantee to provide you with personalized support in order to help you get the very best out of your visit. What makes our English-speaking portal so unique? The personal attention that we provide for every customer and the variety of services available on-line.

Follow your dream will provide you with a personalized and comprehensive experience that will help you to realize your dreams. Your preferences will be at the forefront of what you organize, and it will be you who chooses which attractions you want to visit. No idea what to see and do? On our web portal, you will find excursions with a private guide, private tours, the most popular attractions and some that are less well known and more unusual. Follow your dreams at your own pace as you choose the date and time for your visits. Do you want to make your trip truly memorable? Then choose a Guide in Barcelona: they will come to collect you from where you are staying and will accompany you on your voyage of discovery around Europe's most effervescent city!

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