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Privacy Policy gives great importance to protecting the privacy of each and every client who uses this web page to book any services.

The personal data that is provided by the client when filling out any of the forms on this web page is always protected and is only shared when it is necessary to do so in order to provide a service and with the express consent of the client. 

Collecting data 

  • Personal data is only collected on the web site when it has been expressly provided by the user and with their consent. 

  • The full name is only used in order to identify a customer in order to provide specific services or in order to assist in the event of any difficulties relating to a booking or a ticket. 

  • We do not collect credit card details as all payments are effected via third party pages which provide maximum security and are subject to anti-fraud legislation. 

  • The web page on which a customer provides their credit card information is not hosted by but is on those corresponding pages.  This means that CANNOT access any of the credit card details that have been provided. 

Shared Information

  • will provide the information necessary in order to supply the chosen service, (in most cases, just the name and telephone number), to the different operators with whom we have active commercial agreements and who will be providing the services that have been chosen by the customer from their established headquarters.

  • We only use an email address in order to send confirmations of a service reservation.

  •, if so requested, can only share with the operator who is providing the service requested by the customer, the name and surname. will not share any personal information such as, for example, the customer's email address, with any other company unless it is required explicitly for such services as Tours, Taxis, Reservations for Guides or any other service that cannot be performed without the provision of the customer's name and telephone number. 

  • is governed by all the directives that are in place for the protection of personal data and uses "SSL" security certificates on 100% of our web pages. 

Additional Information reserves the right to amend said Privacy Policy at any time.  Any changes will be communicated on the website and specifically, on this web page.

By using this web site, you accept our privacy policy and accept the use of your data as described above. 

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