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Flamenco Show at Tablao Cordobes in Barcelona

Have you arrived in Barcelona and want to see some traditional Flamenco? Then you can't afford to miss out on one of the flamenco shows that are organised by the famous flamenco dance theater, El Cordobés!  You can experience the delights of some wonderful Tapas whilst enjoying the emotive and moving spectacle of one of Spain's most famous traditions: the Flamenco! 

Bailaora de Flamenco
A Flamenco Show in Barcelona

What's included  

  Discover the wonderful world of Flamenco; 

  Entry + the Flamenco Show;

  Shows run from 18:00 until 23:00 (check the timetable); 

  The shows are available daily; 

  Price for the Show + a Drink:  Adults €40.00 and children €26.00;

  Price for the Show + Dinner: Adults €79.00 and children €45.00;

  Fill out the form on this page to book a Flamenco Show. 

Flamenco: music and dance that entrances and seduces 

The initial embryonic form of Flamenco started in Andalusia in the 18th century with the arrival of the Gypsies.  In fact, this traditional art form arose from a fusion of three elements, Jewish, Gypsy and Arabic heritages.  When it first became popular, it was simply singing and dancing but later, towards the 19th century, the Flamenco guitar was introduced.  
Nowadays, as in the past, Flamenco is not solely defined as music and dance, which would be somewhat limited, but as a perfect symbiosis of the music and dance which is embellished by the almost theatrical gestures of the dancers and musicians which seem to communicate with each other.  This is an art form that is both passionate and fascinating and is able to enthrall everyone who witnesses this spectacle of sinuous music and dance! 

The Famous Tablao (flamenco dance theater) of El Cordobés

The Tablao del Cordobés was founded in 1970 and over time, became the iconic symbol of Flamenco in Barcelona.  If you want to enjoy a really spectacular show with artists of international renown, you can't afford to miss out on a visit to this wonderful venue which is located in the very central Las Ramblas in Barcelona.  The Tablao del Cordobés has earned an international reputation and is an unmissable experience for those who want to get to know and discover more about one of Barcelona's greatest treasures. What has contributed to its international fame over the past 45 years is undoubtedly the careful selection of the artists who perform here.  In fact, it has hosted the great stars of the Flamenco tradition such as Camarón, Farruco, El Güito, Manuela Carrasco, Lola y Manuel, Manolete, La Tati, Juan Villar, Chocolate and many more. 

Sala del Tablao del Cordobés
The Dining Room at the Tablao del Cordobés

What can I expect from a Flamenco Show?

A flamenco show doesn't follow a particular script, it simply tells stories of everyday life.  This consists of music and dance that convey real emotions to the audience.  The words are often verses that originate from some of Spain's greatest poets which are then improvised on and interpreted individually by the singer.  The singers tell of love in all its myriad forms, of nostalgia, passion, anger, sadness and pleasure.  This is all about a communicative art form that really plays on the depths of human emotions.  The dancers and musicians interpret and improvise to convey what they feel and what they perceive the stories and the music to mean.  In fact, quite often, they include some authentic dialogue which you don't need to really concentrate on trying to understand - you should just let yourself be transported by the emotions the music awakens in you.  This ability to improvise is an essential element of flamenco which you won't encounter in traditional theatrical shows.  You can only experience this live in the intimacy of a flamenco dance theater.  

Bailaores show Flamenco
Flamenco Show at the Tablao del Cordobés 
Is Dinner included with the show? 

You can choose what type of tickets you want to get!  Would you like to enjoy the show and have dinner too? Or, would you prefer just to have a drink while you watch the show?  If you opt to watch the show and have dinner as well, a gourmet menu awaits you that's been prepared by the in house chef, Jordi Navarro, and includes a table service with a buffet selection of more than 32 hot and cold specialties that are typical of Spanish cuisine.  These include paella, ham, small snacks on skewers, tapas, meat, fish, rice and plenty more.  In addition to this, a wide range of deserts awaits you including fruit and a limitless selection of drinks. 

How can I make a booking? 

You can book your Flamenco Show at the Tablao del Cordobés by simply filling out the booking form on this page. 

Prices and timing of the shows:

From the 16th November to the 15th March, the daily performances are not guaranteed.  You would need to check the current times and availability on the reservation form. 

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