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Learn languages for free in Barcelona

Barcelona is not only a city of incomparable architectural beauty, but also a multicultural and cosmopolitan centre, where speaking several languages is the order of the day. You only have to think about the coexistence between Catalan and Spanish. If you are living in Barcelona and want to meet new people, have a cultural exchange and learn new languages for free in the city... then you should read this very article.

Learn languages and meet new people
Learn languages and meet new people

Language exchanges in bars

Every week in Barcelona there are many linguistic and cultural exchange meetings in the city's bars and restaurants. For example, the Barcelona International Meeting is an organisation that was born in Spain in the 1990s and whose primary objective is the organisation of events, but which over time also became an occasion for cultural exchange between travellers and citizens from all over the world. Through the Meetup application the group organises events in the city of Barcelona. For example, every Thursday the participants meet at Bar Polaroid (in the Gothic Quarter), on Friday at Juanita Lalá restaurant (in Barceloneta) and on Saturday at Shenanigans Irish Pub (in the Raval): the plan is to eat, drink with a special discount...  and talk!

Every Friday night, you can also participate for free in a language exchange evening that takes place in the Estació de Francia's internal bar. From 8pm onwards, you can have dinner, drink and talk to people from all over the world, and from midnight onwards, there will always be a DJ to keep visitors entertained with good music!

Finally, the Vennmon group is super well-organised! You can meet foreigners living in Barcelona who "donate" their mother tongue in exchange for Spanish or Catalan. On Mondays, people speak Russian and Chinese, on Tuesdays, English, Wednesdays, French and Thursdays, Italian. The event takes place from 8pm to 10pm in La Fleca de Muntaner (Carrer de Muntaner 125).

Learn languages for free with books and movies

And yes, to learn a foreign language well, it is necessary to combine conversation practice with the study of grammar. If you get a library card from one of the city's public libraries (there is one in every neighborhood of Barcelona!) you can use the dictionaries, textbooks, CDs and DVDs free of charge, which are useful for studying languages. You will also be interested to know that many libraries have conversation groups in the afternoon to practice the spoken language. Check out the schedules and programs at the library closest to you!

Jaume Fuster Library in Gracia
Jaume Fuster Library in Gracia

It seems trivial, but going to the movies will also help improve your language skills, in Barcelona there are many cinemas that provide screenings in the original language (with Spanish subtitles). When you are in the dark room, in fact, your attention is focused on the screen and little by little, you manage to immerse yourself in the story, thanks also to the quality audio that typifies modern cinema. All of this is a great help for your concentration, and therefore allows you to lock some words of everyday use in other languages into your head , thanks above all to the association between image and sound. Read the article about the best cinemas in Barcelona to find the perfect one for you!

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