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Barcelona's Music Museum tickets

Buy your entry tickets to Barcelona's Music Museum now and visit the museum without having to queue at the ticket office and book your tickets in advance for the date and time of your choice.

The Music Museum
Some of the Museum's musical instruments

Why you should buy your tickets online

Buying entry tickets online for attractions you want to visit means that you will be able to skip the queue and frequently, you can save on the price of the tickets.  In fact, quite often a charge is levied on the entry tickets that are purchased at the museums' ticket offices and at many of the attractions generally.  In addition to this, by buying your entry tickets online, you can organize your tour of the city in the best possible way and can decide in advance what time and on what date you want to visit a particular attraction.  Below you will find all the useful information you'll need in order to make a booking. 

How to buy your entry tickets

You can buy your entry tickets quickly and easily at; fill out the booking form now which you can find on this page.  Fill in your name, email address, the type of ticket required, the number of people who will be coming, and the date and time on which you wish to visit and make your purchase.  You will immediately receive an email with your booking confirmation which will have the tickets attached to it.  A quick and easy system which will enable you to receive your entry tickets fast and you won't have to do anything more than print them off so that you can take them with you on the day of your visit to the Museum. 

What can I visit at the Museum?

The Music Museum of Barcelona is a truly elegant and magical place where you can relive the history of music from the first instruments up to today.  The collection of instruments is really vast and is, in fact, one of the largest collections in the world. The musical instruments are displayed in beautiful, luminous glass cabinets which permits a 360° view of the instruments.  During the tour, you will have the opportunity to hear the sound of each individual instrument because as you approach the glass panels, you will be able to hear their musical notes.  Also, during the course of the tour, you will be able to visit one of the rooms in which you will be able to try out some of the instruments for yourself.  This will be a unique opportunity in which to experience the sound that a horn makes, or any other instrument in which you are particularly interested.  At the end of the tour, to finish off in the best possible way, a musician will play for you and will dedicate a mini-concert to you.  Visiting Barcelona's Music Museum is an experience that no music lover should miss out on during their visit to the Catalan capital. 

Prices & Opening Times

The Music Museum is located at No. 150, Carrer de Lepant and is open every day of the week, excluding Mondays.  During the week, it is open from 10:00 until 18:00 except on Thursdays when it closes at 21:00 and at the weekends, it is open from 10:00 until 19:00. A single entry ticket includes a visit to both the permanent and temporary exhibitions and costs €10.00.

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