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Tour of Girona from Barcelona

Visit the second largest city in Catalonia.  Girona is well known for its medieval charm and for being surrounded by a network of four rivers: the Onyar, Guell, Galligants and the Ter. The city's wonderful historic medieval center has been beautifully preserved and will take your breath away.  You'll feel as if you are travelling back in time!

Tour Girona
A view of the city walls

What's included in the tour

 A guided tour of the historic center of Girona;

 A guided tour in English and Spanish;

 Travel in a modern bus from Barcelona to Girona;

  The tour is available on Mondays and Fridays (check the booking form);

Adult tickets cost €61.00 and children's tickets cost €47.00;

  Fill out the booking form on this page to to reserve your Tour of Girona.

Discover Girona

The city of Girona, the provincial capital, is located about an hour and a half from Barcelona by car and is very close to the Costa Brava and the French border.  Girona is a city with a delicate and finely honed artistic sense, capable of enchanting its visitors with numerous points of interest.  Below you can read some more detailed information about the most beautiful attractions that are worth visiting in Girona. 

The Medieval Historic Center

The city's wonderful historic center which has been perfectly preserved, exudes a truly evocative medieval atmosphere, so much so that it was chosen as one of the settings for the famous television series, Game of Thrones.  This is a journey into Spanish history which you can't afford to miss!

The Noucentisme Style

Obviously, Girona is not just a historic city.  In fact, you will be able to admire a wide range of beautiful buildings, among which are those that were built in the Noucentisme style by the famous architect Rafael Masó i Valentí. This architectural trend first became apparent at the beginning of the 1900's as a counter to the Modernist style which characterized Barcelona and was represented by the artistic expression of the well known architect Antoni Gaudí. Unlike Modernism, Noucentisme was based on a modernistic style that simultaneously maintained the canons of classicism at its most austere, characteristics that are clearly evident in the work of Rafael Masó i Valentí.

Little Florence 

Little Florence is the nickname often attributed to the city because of its similarity to the Ponte Vecchio over the river Arno in Florence.  In fact, the atmosphere that you can imbibe around the Onyar River is very reminiscent of the walks and the colors of Florence itself.  Here, the houses are called "hanging houses" because of their peculiar construction which makes them look as if they are hung over the water.  The amber and other bright colors of the houses are reflected in the dark waters of the rivers which gives a romantic and enchanting atmosphere.  During your visit, you certainly shouldn't miss out on a visit to the Eiffel Bridge which was built by the famous Eiffel himself just a short while before the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.  

Casas Colgantes y Puente Eiffel
The Hanging Houses and the Eiffel Bridge
Passeig de la Muralla

Another of Girona's stunning features is its long city wall which is known as the Passeig de la Muralla where you can stroll along and enjoy spectacular views of the medieval historic center of the city and on beautiful sunny days, in the distance, you may be able to see the Pyrenees.  The walk along the city walls takes about 40 minutes and as you enjoy your tour, you will catch sight of an imposing and majestic church.  This is the city's cathedral which is situated at the highest point of the city.  There is also the wonderful Monastery of Sant Pere de Galliants, the remains of an ancient Roman Road, Angusta Street and the Arabic baths.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Girona

The Cathedral was built in the 11th century in the Romanesque style and was subsequently remodeled in the Gothic-Baroque style.  Nowadays, the only Romanesque feature still in evidence is the Carlo Magno Tower.  Situated at the city's highest point, with more than 100 steps at the entrance, the Cathedral offers its visitors a unique spectacle and a true sense of majesty.  This is a real architectural gem which is particularly beautiful and imposing with an altar inside that is more than 22 meters long and 35 meters high, the second largest after St. Peter's in Rome.  Inevitably, this is one of the most visited attractions in Girona. 

Fachada gótica de la Catedral
The Gothic facade of the Cathedral
La Rambla and the  Plaça Independencia

If, however, you would prefer to spend some time browsing the shops and sipping a refreshing cocktail, then you should visit Girona's La Rambla and the Plaça Independencia which, in addition to being lovely and centrally located, are also full of great shops and places in which to have something to eat and relax.

What's included in the Tour of Girona?

During the six hours of this tour, accompanied by an expert guide who speaks both English and Spanish, you will be able to visit all the attractions in Girona that we have referred to above.  You will walk along the city walls, visit the Cathedral, the wonderful historic medieval city center, the hanging houses and much more.  In addition to this, you will also have some free time to spend as you wish, maybe visiting some of the shops in La Rambla or to spend more time in one of the other attractions you have already visited.  Girona is one of the most visited cities in Europe and is able to surprise and enchant its visitors with its charms which will take your breath away! 

Prices and timetables

You can do this tour every Monday and Friday from the 1st April to the 31st October for a price of €61.00 for adults and €47.00 for children.  For the up to date timetables and prices, you can fill in the form that you will find on this page.  

How can I book the Tour?

Making a reservation is quick and easy.  Just fill out the form that you will find on this web page and in just a few steps you will be able to book your tour.

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