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Gaudi's Casa Batlló

Located in one of the most lively parts of the elegant Passèig de Gràcia,Casa Batllónever fails to astonish passers-by with its sinuous forms and its vivacious decoration which leaves them with their mouths open in amazement as they look upwards at this creative masterpiece. This modernist building is certainly one of the most famous attractions in Barcelona, and is worth visiting both inside and out in order to explore yet another ofAntoni Gaudí's works of art, a man whose architectural genius never ceases to amaze.

Gaudi's famous Casa Batllo

How to get to Casa Batlló

Casa Batllóis located on Passèig de Gràcia, one of the most well-known and beautiful avenues in Barcelona, which stretches from the elegant and modernist districts of Eixample to the more typical district of Gracia. Getting to the Casa Batlló is very easy: our recommendation is to travel there on foot, because we're talking about an attraction that is very centrally located. For example, if you are coming from the direction of Plaça Catalunya it will only take you 10 minutes to get there by just walking straight down the avenue. If, for whatever reason, you would prefer to use public transport, the nearest Metro stop is also called Passèig de Gràcia - taking the Violet L2, Green L3 or Yellow L4. Alternatively, you can always travel there by bus or by taxi.

Visiting inside the building: opening hours and prices

Although initially you may be surprised by the cost of entry to Casa Batlló, you can rest assured that the €28.00 it will cost you are extremely well spent! You need to bear in mind that this residential building which was designed by Catalonia's most famous architect, does not receive any subsidies from the state of any kind. As the building is still privately owned and has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has tremendous historical and cultural value and the maintenance of this type of building is not cheap. A great way to see the building is with the Tourist Bus, which includes this stop as it is one of the main attractions in Barcelona. Alternatively, you can arrange to be accompanied to the house by a private guide through! A visit to Gaudí's masterpiece can be arranged every day between 09:00 and 21:00 and, if you wish, it is also possible to visit at night after 21:00 with a Casa Batlló Magic Night Ticket. You can choose from different options.

Explore the interior of Casa Batlló

In every corner of the gem that is Passèig de Gràcia, you will find something to admire, innumerable small details that will enchant those who love magical places. Inside the building, you will see the famous main floor (the former residence of the Batlló family) along with the attic containing old wardrobes and laundry rooms, the terrace with its unique chimneys (where you can admire the spine of the famous dragon that was defeated by St. George) and the stunning spiral staircase with its surprising play of light which leads into the fabulous hallway.

Interior Casa Batlló
Interior of Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló and the legend of St. George

Legend has it that, a long time ago in Montblanc (Tarragona), a ferocious dragon was poisoning the air and killing people with his breath causing terror among the city's inhabitants. The latter, frightened and exhausted by the dragon's misdeeds and the catastrophes he caused, decided to placate him by offering a human sacrifice every day and chancing their survival to luck. On one particularly tragic day, this fate befell the city's princess who was forced to leave her castle and go to the dragon. At exactly that moment, a brave knight in shining armor named George, came to her rescue on a white horse. George who later became known as St. George, drew his sword and slayed the dragon, finally freeing the princess and the town's citizens. In the place where the dragon's blood had been shed, a rose bush began to bloom with the reddest petals ever seen. St. George took one of the roses and offered it as a gift to the princess.

Details of the Casa Batlló
Details of the Casa Batlló: the dragon's spine and the balconies shaped like skulls and flowers

This legend was a source of inspiration for many artists and Antoni Gaudí represented the legend of St. George in the architecture of Casa Batlló in a manner which, with the passing of time, has kept this traditional story alive. In particular, the legend is strongly evident in the facade of the building and there are plenty of other hidden details on the building's exterior. On the terrace, the dragon's spine comes to life in the ceramic tiles that have been used to form the shape of scales and from the representation of the cross with its four arms, you can imagine the triumphal sword of St. George. On the building's facade, there is a balcony in the shape of a flower which represents the rose that was given to the princess whilst others are in the shape of the dragon's skull and the columns appear to be the dragon's bones. In the entrance to the private living quarters of the Batlló family, you will also find a staircase whose extremities are reminiscent of an animal's skeleton and which, according to popular culture, may represent the backbone of the dragon's tail. And to finish, on the top floor, the main room with arches in a chain evoke an image of the rib cage of a large animal.

Casa Batlló's exterior: decorative lights and shows

Gaudí's most famous residence is famous for the shows that are laid on here and the exterior decorations that are created on special occasions, such as Christmas, for example The building's balconies are decorated with snowballs which simulate a copious Christmas snowfall. On the feast of St. George, one of the most famous annual celebrations in Barcelona, the building is converted into a huge display of red roses that present an image that is both romantic and charming. When it comes to the fiesta de la Mercé, which normally falls at the end of September and commemorates the patron saint of Barcelona, skilled actors and lighting professionals perform a show whose stage is actually the external facade of the Casa Batlló whose beauty and originality are a draw for thousands of spectators.

Events at Casa Batlló

In order to receive updates on all the events that are organized at Casa Batlló, have a look at the events section on the Facebook page of this attraction. An example? Concerts given by groups of musicians or soloists, theatrical shows and theatrical visits, intercultural activities (such as the Japanese tea ceremony). competitions and games offering prizes. There are also technical light shows such as those which have been mentioned above on the feast days of la Mercé and St. George.

Casa Batlló and all Gaudí's works of art INSIDE AND OUT

Casa Batlló is only one of the architectural gems in the city of Barcelona which boasts the signature of the great architect, Antoni Gaudí. Among the most original churches in the world is the majestic Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction today whilst Park Güell is one of the most beautiful outdoor attractions to visit in Barcelona. Among the buildings, there is also the Casa Milá, which is more commonly known as La Pedrera, as well as Palau Güell and the Casa Vicens.

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