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5 places or things to do in order to meet new people in Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect city in which to meet new people because it is a bubbly and lively city that's full of tourists and different things to do.  It's also perfect for groups of friends who are holidaying together, for the single adventurous traveler or for families who are treating themselves to a week's holiday together.  Below you will find 5 suggestions for getting to meet new people in Barcelona to make your stay even more fun and more interesting.  

Friendship in Barcelona
A group of friends in Barcelona

1. Visiting the right neighborhoods 

Barcelona's different neighborhoods are like small worlds of their own which are just waiting to be discovered.  Barceloneta is definitely the best place for young people who are on holiday, especially in the summer: it's always easy to exchange a few words with the person sitting next to you while you're sunbathing on one of the beaches on the city's coastline as these are always quite busy.  Using the volleyball nets or the ping pong tables will give you the chance to take part in a game if they need another player and you can then have a drink together in one of the numerous "chiringuitos" on the beach.  The neighborhood called Vila de Gracia is made up of a number of typical squares that are popular with young people and families with children. During the daytime, it's really nice to be able to sit on one of the benches on the Plaza de la Vila de Gràcia and watch the children playing with complete peace of mind and in complete safety together with plenty of other children.  In the evenings, however, we would recommend visiting the Plaza del Sol which is always full of young people sitting on the ground enjoying a beer and a chat.  Why not go and join them? 

2. Staying in a hostel or a B&B with other people 

You may prefer to book a hostel or a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel and this would be the perfect chance for getting to meet new people in Barcelona.  The advantages of these two types of accommodation are that it is relatively easy to meet up with other tourists in the communal spaces in the hostels and maybe even in the same room which has been allocated to you both.  The B&Bs in the Catalan capital are generally private residences which have made some of the rooms in their apartment available to welcome travelers who have decided to visit Barcelona: you'll be with people who are used to sharing their home and their kitchen which presents the perfect opportunity to exchange a few words and to get some useful tips about getting around the city. 

3. Going on a Tour with other people  

Another effective way of meeting new people in Barcelona is to take part in one of the Tours or guided visits which are the perfect way in which to combine learning about the city with some social pleasures.  For example, in this era of the internet and smartphones, it is really easy to find events where you can meet up with other people by using convenient Apps such as Meetup, where you can find out about themed events that are being organized in the city (having selected Barcelona as your city of choice).  And you can sign up to some of these for free. In addition to this, also offers a series of shared tours with other people who are often of different nationalities: these often include visits to some of the city's main attractions which are led by an experienced guide.  Have a look at the one that appeals to you the most: the shared Tour of the Sagrada Familia, the shared Tour of Park Güell, or the complete City Tour. Alternatively, you can also book a private guide who knows every corner of the city and will be able to satisfy all your requests even if you want them to accompany you to some of the most popular attractions.  With their help, it will definitely be easier for you to meet new people in Barcelona!

A group of friends on a tour of Barcelona
A group of friends on a tour of Barcelona

4. Enjoying the night life

Even without a guide, it won't take you long to realize how lively Barcelona's night life is: discotheques, pubs, concerts and fiestas enliven the nights of the city's different neighborhoods throughout the year.  In summer it's lovely to stay and watch the sunset on the beach and then stop off after dinner at one of the bars in Barceloneta.  Even in winter, there are plenty of pubs and bars where you can enjoy a drink and dance to the rhythms of some commercial music (which is often South American) such as in the Plaça Reyal: quite often, whilst you are waiting in line to get in to one of these premises, you'll have a chance to chat to the people next to you and maybe decide to have a drink with them as well. 

5. Choosing the right places

There are some well-known places in Barcelona that are popular with tourists of all nationalities.  These are the venues that offer typical tourist menus and special types of food that are specially geared towards visitors.  In these types of places, the quality of the drinks can be somewhat inferior to that which is on offer in the city's traditional hang-outs but they are still fun places to visit. Among these is La Taverna de Barcelona, a pub which is located near Plaça Catalunya and is usually full of tourists from all over the world who have come to listen to some live music.  Then there's La Champagneria, a venue in Barceloneta which is great fun if you're looking for somewhere to enjoy an unconventional glass of a delicious rose wine and some traditional tapas together with lots of other people.  The Oveja Negra has big tables that are perfect for sharing a beer with some new friends, particularly if you order the mini-tap  so that you can serve yourselves.  This bar has two different branches, the most central being in the neighborhood of Raval, whilst the other is located in the neighborhood of  Poblenou.

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