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The Weather

When you travel to a new city for the first time, you are often unsure about what to pack.  Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations and quite frequently, having experienced a few days in the city once, you will probably want to come back, perhaps at a different time of year. Below, you will find all the information you will need about the weather in Barcelona, depending on the season, so that you won't have any more questions about what you should put in your suitcase!

Maleta de turista
A Tourist's Suitcase

The summer weather in Barcelona: what to put in your suitcase

Summer time is undoubtedly one of the best times of year in which to visit a city by the sea such as Barcelona. It is important to be aware of the fact that at this time of year, the weather can be really hot. It is also worth knowing that during the summer months, the city's climate can be quite muggy, however, in the neighborhoods that are closer to the sea, such as Barceloneta or Poblenou, you are more likely to be able to enjoy a refreshing sea breeze. One of the warmer areas of the city is Eixample and along the wide streets when the sun is at its height.  The Ciutat Vella, (the Old Town) while being quite busy with numerous tourists, also benefits from some shade provided by the buildings which form a labyrinth of narrow streets. We recommend that you take light clothing in your suitcase: cotton shirts and T-shirts, shorts, sandals and light-weight shoes. It is always worth taking some comfortable trainers because they will be more hygienic when walking through neighborhoods such as the The Gothic quarter or Raval as well as making it easier and less tiring when climbing up to the panoramic view points of the city.  It is vital to take your sunglasses, a beach towel and a scarf or a cap that you can wear in the city on really sunny days.

The winter weather in Barcelona: what to put in your suitcase

The winters in Barcelona are quite mild but, there is a matter that many tourists are unaware of and don't think about at all: the existence of central heating in the houses.  This won't be a problem if you have booked to stay in a hotel or somewhere like a hostel; however, the risk of finding yourself staying somewhere that doesn't have heating is a real possibility if you choose to stay in a b&b. We therefore recommend that you pack some warm pajamas and a warm sweater which you can wear indoors.  However, you won't need to take a thick coat that is insulated with down as you would in the winter months in a city where it frequently snows.  For those who don't feel the cold too much, a leather or woolen jacket will suffice, whereas for those who feel the cold more, a light coat would be ideal.  The temperature in Barcelona during the winter months is around 13 degrees during the day and can drop to around 7 degrees at night. It is normally still quite warm in December whereas the coldest month is likely to be February.  The best advice we can give you is to dress "in layers" particularly if you are going to be using the metro where it is always quite warm.

Barcelona bajo la lluvia
Barcelona in the rain

Packing a suitcase for Barcelona in Spring and Autumn

Although it may seem that these two seasons don't really exist, the intermediate seasons are recognizable because the weather in spring and autumn is quite similar: During these months, the weather can be quite unpredictable and there may be sunny days which seem like summer when you can happily spend the whole day on the beach, and then there will be days when it never seems to stop raining.  Because of this, it is important to remember to wear rubber-soled boots if you are in the city on a rainy day because the streets in Barcelona are not great for walking on in the rain, (which is rare but not impossible), and the streets, especially those in the center, can fill with water very quickly. Another characteristic of the intermediate months is the presence of a strong wind: this is especially likely in May and October.  It is worth having your sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from the dust that blows off the street, a light coat and a sweater to keep yourself warm.  And, if you have long hair, a ribbon or a rubber band to tie your hair with.  In your suitcase you might also want to pack some lightweight jumpers and it is also worth taking some long trousers and sensible shoes.  Then you'll just need to make sure you can find a small space in your case for the all important camera!.

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