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Museum of Contemporary Art

MACBA, as it is known, is Barcelona's Museum of Contemporary Art and is one of the most interesting places to visit in the city because each time you go, it will be a different experience as the exhibitions inside are constantly changing.   

Museum of Contemporary Art
A view of the Museum's exterior

Where to find MACBA

MACBA is situated in the district of Ciutat Vella (the old town) which can be easily reached by tourists who are visiting the neighborhood of Raval, its at No.1 Plaça dels Àngels.  The building is easily identifiable because of its irregular, modern, white shape which is a complete contrast to the general character of the neighborhood with its "vivid" colors.  Over time, the square in front of the Museum's entrance has become a favorite spot for skate-boarders who have turned the urban architecture into their own personal training track. This results in a free show for passersby and a general sense of freedom.  MACBA really is the true essence of contemporary art! 

In order to reach the museum from the center, we would recommend going on foot, partially for the sake of convenience but also so that you can explore some of the typical streets of Barcelona's historic city center.  For example, from the Plaza Catalunya you can get to MACBA in about six minutes on foot.  You would walk along the length of La Rambla until you reach the Carrer del Bonsuccés where you will turn right and then carry straight on.  The closest Metro station to the museum is Universitat (the Red Line L1 and the Violet Line L2).  In front of the Museum there is also a bicing station.

Visiting MACBA

The museum is open daily from 11:00 until 19:30, on Saturdays from 10:00 until 21:00 and on Sundays, until 15:00.  Entry costs €10.00 which allows access to all the exhibitions and special programs that are running.  MACBA isn't just a simple museum but is also an exhibition space which houses the works of both local and international artists which are constantly being updated.  The temporary exhibitions enable you to always discover something new.  In order to remain updated on the latest features at the museum, you can visit the MACBA website.

Interesting facts about MACBA

Understanding contemporary art can be quite difficult or maybe part of its charm is precisely the fact that it engenders curiosity in the visitor, compelling them to ask questions.  For any questions to which you cannot find the answer, at MACBA you will always find helpful staff with a jacket that says "I am at your disposal, ask whatever you like."  You can always ask these staff members your questions either in Spanish or in English - they are all used to working with tourists. This appealing modern building which houses the museum is in perfect contrast to the Gothic architecture that surrounds it which is where the documentation center and a library about the artists and the works that are exhibited at MACBA can be found. 

Make your own route around  MACBA

One of the Museum's unique features, which is really consistent with its mission to express creativity, is the possibility for all visitors to create their own personal route (there is a tour in Spanish) around the museum.  How does this work? Well, first of all, the tours are collections of the contents which are on display and can be seen on the web page at: with audio, videos, text, publications, displays, etc.  Everything that can be seen on the website constitutes part of the tour. What's the purpose behind this? Offering the possibility to organize a visit to whatever is on show at the museum with a personal touch which can focus on a particular interest or concept.  Quite often, tourist attractions such as museums are so full of different contents that it is easy for visitors to get confused and they can miss out on certain opportunities or make the wrong choice about what to see so that they are ultimately disappointed by a visit that they had been looking forward to. A tour is also a way in which to open up a dialog with users and artists so that you can learn more about a particular topic which has been covered in a previous exhibition.  How does this work? You can create your route directly on site or via the museum's official website.  The most popular routes will be pointed out by staff and can become part of a file that users / visitors can consult in order to cover the subjects in which they have the most interest. 

If, when you leave the Museum of Contemporary Art, you have enjoyed it so much that you don't want the experience to end, then you shouldn't miss out on another incredible museum, the CCCB, (The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) which is just a stone's throw from MACBA.

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