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Tickets for Erotic Museum of Barcelona

If you're wondering what you can visit that's really original and truly unique in Barcelona, then you should spice up your tour of the city with a visit to Barcelona's famous Museu de l'Eròtica.  There are more than 800 fascinating works in the collection which narrate the history of eroticism in different cultures in a unique and detailed manner. 

Tickets for Erotic Museum of Barcelona
One of the drawings on display

Visit the Museum's 14 rooms

Barcelona's Erotica Museum is divided into fourteen different rooms, each of which has a different subject for you to explore.  The tour lasts for around an hour and you can opt to visit the museum with the assistance of an audio-guide.  Below you will find some detailed information about what you will see and what you can visit personally in each room.  This will be a really informative and fun experience at the same time. 

  • The room of ancient civilizations: In this room, you will find out about eroticism and love in general, from Paleolithic times up to the present day, how these have been characterized and what a profound effect these subjects have had on our creativity.  Queen Cleopatra opened the doors to a more liberated concept of sexuality and in this room, you will find out in more detail how this change took place. 
  • The room of Oriental eroticism: oriental eroticism is represented through the demonstration of really absurd sexual positions and disproportionately large genitals.

  • The Kama Sutra Room: The famous Hindu text which has always fascinated the more curious, is represented in this room through the display of wooden and stone statues.

  • The room of World Cultures: exhibits how different cultures represent sex and sexuality in vastly different ways.

  • The European room from the 19th and 20th centuries: an enormous collection of images, photographs, illustrations and recordings that cover European artistic eroticism during the period of the 19th and 20th centuries. 

  • The room of Alfonso XIII: short films covering the debut of Spanish pornographic cinema.  This is a real piece of the city's history due to the fact that many of the recordings were made right here in the erotic neighborhood of Barcelona in 1926.

  • The Phallic roomin this room you can view a vast selection of phallic objects which emanated from Thailand.

  • The Pin Up room: the sensuality of the 60's in America is represented through an exhibition of important different objects including the mythical photograph of Marilyn Monroe on the cover of the first Play Boy magazine in history.  

  • The Temporary Exhibits room: this room constantly changes what it has on show and always exhibits varied artistic works of eroticism from all over the world.

  • The Picture roomhere you will find a range of erotic pictures hanging that were created by the Great Masters: Rubens, Velázquez, Boucher, Goya and many more.

  • The Picasso roomPicasso also explored and represented his vision of the feminine or eroticism and in this room, you will be able to see two of the works from his erotic series.

  • The Records roomall the curiosities regarding eroticism are revealed in this room.  For example, how long was the longest penis in the world? This, and many other questions, will find a response in this room which is both fascinating and rather fun!  

  • The Contemporary Exhibition room:  Art continues to draw inspiration from eroticism and is constantly portrayed in ever more surprising ways.  In this room of the Museum, which is continually being updated, you will be able to learn about the erotic art of contemporary artists.

  • The room of Sadomasochism and Fetishism: both pleasure and pain are experienced in fetishism and sadomasochism and you will find out secret details and curiosities about these two forms of giving and receiving pleasure. 

  • The Garden room: a small earthly paradise where even nature in its many forms, speaks to us of eroticism.
You can also explore the new exhibition rooms: Fuck Machines, sex dolls y corsets. You will be mesmerized by the fascinating exhibition of unique erotic objects which may seem more than slightly unusual in the eyes of most people! 

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You can buy entry tickets to Barcelona's Museum of Erotica quickly and easily at Buying your tickets online will enable you to skip the queue and will also give you the opportunity to book in advance for the date and time of your choice so that you can organize your tour of the city in the most efficient way possible.  Save time by making your booking online, you'll need to indicate on the form how many people will be attending, the date and time and then effect payment via a Credit Card or PayPal.  Shortly after you have effected your payment, we will respond to your booking request and will check the availability for the times you have specified and we will then send you the entry tickets for the Museum with an email. In the event that the date and / or time that you have requested are not available, we will contact you to agree on an alternative date and time - as close as possible to what you had originally requested.  Buy your entry tickets now by filling out the booking form on this page.
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