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Tour of the Illa Fantasía Water Park

The Illa Fantasía Water Park is a spectacular attraction that's situated in the heart of the Maresme district, just 20 km from the Plaça Catalunya and just under 20 minutes away from the center of Barcelona. If you're visiting Barcelona or the surrounding area, this is an unmissable stop for tourists who want to enjoy a refreshing and fun day with friends and family in the open air. 

Tobogán con flotador en el Parque Illa Fantasía

What's included in the visit

   Entry tickets valid for a whole day at the Illa Fantasía Water Park;

  Transportation with the Illa Fantasía bus;

  The tour is available daily (check on the form);

  Prices start from €18.00 (check on the form);

  Fill out the form on this page to book your tickets to Illa Fantasía.

Attractions at the Illa Fantasía Water Park

At the Illa Fantasía water park, you can have fun on 22 different water features which include the kamikaze, high-speed water slides, water shoots and much more.  You can choose to relax in one of the 3 large swimming pools: in one of these you can experience the atmosphere and beauty of a Caribbean beach, in another, you can admire the sight of huge sculptures that measure more than 12 meters with thunderous waterfalls and in the third pool, you can enjoy a space that covers more than 1000 meters with a maximum depth of 1.50 meters.  In addition to all this, Illa Fantasía also provides an area that is specially geared towards the children having fun with slides and themed pools that they can enjoy.  And you shouldn't miss out on seeing the spectacular pirate ship! 

Inside this vast park, you can enjoy not only the water attractions but also everything else you could need to make your day absolutely perfect.  In fact, you will have at your disposal a great cafeteria with a catering service, a large picnic area and even a small supermarket where you can buy your favorite foods for a special barbecue.  You can use the showers, changing rooms, nursing facilities, sun loungers and plenty more. 

You'll be amazed by the stunning attractions at the Water Park.  Having fun is absolutely guaranteed!

Below you'll find a list of some of the many attractions that are available:

  1. Bitour: a winding slide that consists of 3 slides that are 5 meters high and have plenty of exciting curves.
  2. Kamikaze: an 18 meter high slide!
  3. A wave pool: a reproduction of the Caribbean with a 2000 m² pool;
  4. Wild River: a water slide that's more than 180 meters long which you can travel along with a life-jacket;
  5. Garden of Earthly Delights: a beautiful 1000 m² pool with waterfalls, steel sculptures and a garden;
  6. Super Slide: a super slide measuring 4 meters that'll throw you straight into the pool;
  7. Espirotub: a super closed slide with plenty of exciting bends;
  8. The Lake: a beautiful, relaxing pool that's just 1.50 meters deep and stretches for 1000 m²;
  9. Zigs-Zags: three exciting slides with 3 different shapes like a serpent
  10. Multitrack: an incredible 20 meter descent from which your body will travel at high speed into a refreshing pool;
  11. Megatous: an incredible descent on 3 different slides at differently sloping levels which will make you jump as you come down:
  12. Minitous: a low slide for smaller children to have fun and enjoy;
  13. Rapide: 4 high velocity slides;
  14. Torpedo: an enclosed short slide that has plenty of bends and different levels which provide a unique sensation;
  15. Jumping: thousands of bumps await you on this steep slide;
  16. Acquamania: 4 fast enclosed slides with plenty of bends that will take your breath away
  17. The Spiral: an enclosed slide with a 10 meter high tower.

    -These are just some of the 22 water features at the park.  You can find out about the rest when you visit the Illa Fantasía Water Park in person!
Acquamania at the Illa Fantasía Water Park
Acquamania at the Illa Fantasía Water Park

How to get there

You can get to the Illa Fantasía Water Park with a FREE bus service that is provided by the park and which departs from Ronda Universitat, or you can also reach the park on a public bus, on the metro or by car.  If you opt to use one of the means of transport leaving from Plaça Catalunya, you can get the Metro line R1 and then change to the C14 bus in order to travel directly to the park.  Depending on the time of day, you can also use the C-3/4 buses which depart from Ronda Universitat 21 (just a stone's throw from Plaça Catalunya) and that will also take you directly to the water park.  If you choose to travel by private means, you will have to take the C-32 road and take the second exit on the  Carretera de Vilassar at the roundabout..

Opening Times

The Illa Fantasía Water Park is open from 10:00 to 18:00 hours from June to September and from 10:00 to 19:00 hours during the period from 1st July to 31st August. 

How to buy tickets

Entry tickets are valid for the whole day and the price varies depending on what is selected.  If you want to check the current prices or you would like to book tickets, check the availability and pricing on the booking form. 

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