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Tour of Camp Nou

Tour of Camp Nou and the Barça Museum

Thanks to the Tour of Camp Nou and the Museum of F.C. Barcelona,even those who aren't real football fans will be fascinated by the explosive passion that revolves around a team like Barça. Everyone who visits the stadium will enjoy a truly unique experience which evokes some unforgettable emotions!  This applies to those who just want to feel like Lionel Messi for a day and for those who are simply curious to explore the history behind the red & blue team and the stadium's incredible in-house museum. 
A game in play at Camp Nou
A game in play at Camp Nou

What's included in the tour

  This is a "Self Tour"

  Entry to Camp Nou + the Barça Museum;

  Prices: Adults €40.00; Children aged 6 to 13 years €35.00; Children aged 0 - 5 years €14.00;

  Duration of the tour: 90 minutes;

  Fill out the form on this page to book your Tour of Camp Nou.

F.C. Barcelona and the passion that surrounds Barça 

The world famous football club that is F.C. Barcelona, which is also known as Barça, was founded in 1899 thanks to a group of young foreigners living in Barcelona who provided the club with its multi-cultural identity.  From an initial 201 members, only ten years later, the club boasted 2,972 members.  This rapid growth enabled the club to purchase its first proper stadium.  From that period, Barça's first superstar, Paulino Alcántara is remembered with affection thanks to the numerous goals he scored which have only recently been surpassed by the great Lionel Messi. During the subsequent decade, the team gained increasing notoriety and found its fixed headquarters in Les Corts. There then followed a period of instability as a result of the Civil War during which, Barcelona never ceased to persevere until it doubled the number of its members and thus required a larger space thanks to its continued growth.  In 1957, the vast stadium of Camp Nou was opened during the memorable era of Kubala. More intensity followed, marked by memorable victories and tragic losses but always combined with an unbridled passion for a team whose club had reached over 100,000 members until the last decade of F.C. Barcelona's history, which doesn't seem to recognize when to stop. 

Visiting the Museum at F.C. Barcelona

A visit to the home of F.C. Barcelona begins on the first floor of the symbolic museum which was recently renovated in June 2010 and boasts a range of modern features such as interactive walls at the forefront, innovative showcases and a huge collection of objects that are constantly being updated, each one of which recounts another chapter in the history of this exceptional club.  And it is right inside the museum that you begin to understand the significance of the club's motto which is "More than a Club." 

Camp Nou

The history of Camp Nougoes hand in hand with Barça's expansion from the strength of its growth as a club to the passion of its fans. At the beginning, the official team of Barcelona had to keep moving from one venue to another but did eventually find a permanent home in Les Corts. The first stadium, which was inaugurated in 1922, was remodeled on several different occasions in order to adapt to the club's continuing growth of the team's fan base.  After the Civil War, the club continued to attract more and more members which resulted in a greater influx of spectators at all the matches.  In subsequent years, it became apparent that the club had urgent need of a completely new stadium which should be built with the club's global presence in mind. This massive project became a reality and the construction works on Camp Nou lasted from 1954 until 1957 when the club was finally inaugurated on the 24th September of the same year, precisely on the feast day of el día de la Mercè, the patron saint of Barcelona.

The tour of  Camp Nou

A tour of Camp Nou is much more than just a visit, it is a real experience. You will have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of some of the world's most famous players such as Cruyff, Guardiola, Kubala, Maradona, Ronaldinho and, obviously, Lionel Messi by enjoying exclusive access to the most important and symbolic areas of the stadium.  You will be able to understand the true sense of a passion for football by visiting the changing rooms and walking through the tunnel which leads to the legendary pitch.  From this privileged position, you can breathe in the atmosphere of all the memorable games that have taken place here and enjoy panoramic views of the whole stadium as you imagine the players' excitement as they kick the ball in front of thousands of tanned fans.  You will also be able to visit the television studio, the grandstand area for televised broadcasts and the press room where the interviews are done after a match where players from the best teams in the world are never lost from sight even for a second.  The visit ends on the second floor of the complex where you can spend some time in the incredible multimedia zone which was also rebuilt in 2010.

The stadium before a match
The stadium before a match
What you need to know about your visit

It is important to remember that, prior to arriving at the stadium, you will need to exchange the coupons you received with your email confirmation and that you'll need to collect your tickets in order to access Camp Nou: in your email confirmation, you will find all the necessary information, (the normal collection place is in the Balmes zone).  Once you have arrived at the stadium which is located on Carrer Aristides Maillol 12, which is easily reachable with an 8 minutes walk from the metro station Collblanc on the blue or orange Lines, you will need to hand over your entry tickets in order to begin your tour.  This is a "self tour" without any guide or any audio-guides which starts and finishes at the Museum of F.C. Barcelona. Our recommendation is to allocate at least and hour and a half in order to get the best out of this amazing experience.  It is also worth knowing that, on days when there is a Spanish league match or one of the cup matches, this tour will not be available but the museum will be open until 3 hours before the match is due to start. During the Champions League, no tours are available and you can only access the first floor of the museum until 15:00 hours.  And lastly, it isn't possible to visit the stadium on the 25th December or the 1st of January.  Due to structural limitations, it is also worth noting that there are lot of steps to reach Camp Nou and unfortunately, the tour is currently unavailable for disabled visitors and is not recommended for those who have difficulty walking.  Cancellation of the tour can be made without charge up to 24 hours beforehand.  For cancellations that are received less than 24 hours in advance, no refund is applicable.

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