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Train service Barcelona

If you find yourself in Barcelona and you want to get around the city on public transport, you will often hear people talking about the "Ferrocarril" which is the city's train network.  In this article, you will be able to find out more about this service and how it differs from the Metro.  It may prove useful.

Mapa del transporte de Barcelona
Transport Map of Barcelona

Barcelona's train lines 

There are 14 city train lines in Barcelona and these are subdivided into the trains that travel around the city, (L6, L7, L8), the suburban trains which travel to the areas on the city's outskirts, (S1, S2, S4, S5, S8, S33, S55) and those which cover other urban areas such as Manresa and L'Igualada. The first group of trains will enable you to travel to some of the city's neighborhoods which are often quite a distance from the center, such as that of Sarrià (L6 to Reina Elisenda or L7 to Avenida Tibidabo or L'Hospitalet de Llobregat). The Ferrocarril is really useful for anyone who wishes to travel frequently to the north western area of Barcelona which the metro doesn't entirely cover: it is, in fact, a service which is similar to that which is provided by the company TMB and is halfway between a proper train service and a subway. 

Using the "ferrocarril" train service

The company that runs the "ferrocarril" train service is the FGC, (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) and its stations are recognizable by their orange and white logo.  Quite often, the Metro stations coincide with those of the railway service, such as that of Plaça Catalunya which is the end of the line for various routes, (L6, L7, R1, R3, R4, S1, S2, S5, S55). The difference is in the fact that the trains travel at an even deeper underground level than the Metro and the stops are fewer, but apart from that, the service has more in common with a regular train service.
Un tren de Ferrocarril dirección Plaça Catalunya
One of the "ferrocarril" trains heading towards Plaça Catalunya

Tickets and Timetables 

The routes on the "ferrocarril" service cover 6 different zones and the price of a one-way ticket will vary depending on the zone from which you are travelling: €2.15 is the cost for zone 1 up to €7.60 for zone 6.  For those who are only going to be travelling around the city center, don't worry: you can use a ticket just for zone 1 or you could also buy the very convenient T-10 (a pass covering 10 individual journeys for the price of €9.95) which will enable you to also use the Metro, the bus and the trams. The urban city lines are open every day from early in the morning, (around 06:00) until 23:30 at night, but, they don't have the same level of schedules at the weekends.  In any event, you can always check the timetables for the destination you want by clicking "search" on the convenient web page.
If you really don't want to worry about using the rather complicated public transport system in Barcelona, you can choose the Tourist Bus that is suggested by and you can then be driven around by experienced drivers as you admire the beauties of this city from on board a modern, sightseeing bus.
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